Our curriculum of study provides a basic framework in the academic areas of Religion, Mathematics, English Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies. Teachers in all grades use the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) in English Language Arts and Math, and the Next Generation Science Standards. Teachers use their creativity to implement CCSS in ways that accommodate students’ different learning styles.

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Shenylka Fowles-Lord, Kindergarten TeacherOur children come to Kindergarten with varied backgrounds due to many home experiences, nursery schools, travel, television and technology. Our concern is the total child. Their physical, social, emotional and academic needs must be considered and developed for a well-balanced program.

Shenylka Fowles-Lord

1First grade is full of learning, laughter, and exploration. Students begin to gain independence and a true love of learning. In this grade, students have science labs involving baby chicks, butterflies, and Wonder robots. Students also perform at our annual All Saints Day Pageant. 

Meghan Rakus

Paula Zuzulock, Second Grade TeacherMy goal as a teacher is to devote myself to each child on an individual basis. That means being able to distinguish their specific style and personality. I believe that each child is as unique as a snowflake and it's my goal to identify their individual learning styles, what motivates them, and then find the means to engage each child at his or her level of development.  Saint Mary Interparochial is a collaborative community full of meaningful resources. 

Those resources come from our faculty, parent involvement, and of course the dedication of our principal. We strive to develop the whole child into a moral, academic, and Christ-centered young adult.  The bar here is set very high, but, we know that with God all things are possible.  

Paula Zuzulock

Third grade is going to have hands-on real-world learning experiences.


3rd grade Homeroom Teacher


My goal for fourth grade is to bring out the best in each student. I believe that every child has the ability, through encouragement and opportunity, to make a positive impact on the community! In their classes, our fourth grade students will continue to develop Math skills in regards to addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, while implementing the use of fractions and decimals. They will master the Ten Commandments in Religion, understand the nature of science and S.T.E.M (through the engineering process and Life, Space and Earth Science). Students will study Pennsylvania in detail in Social Studies and they will be exposed to a wide variety of genres through their ELA studies. Fourth grade ELA and Social Studies will be taught by Ms. Jessica Kulick.

Ms. Scarduzio is the new fourth grade homeroom teacher. She will teach third and fourth math, science and religion. She graduated from Widener University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and a minor in Sociology and will begin working toward her masters in Education in January. In addition to being a teacher, she has also worked as a dance/gymnastics teacher and a sports coach for several years. Ms. Scarduzio's excited to begin her new journey at Saint Mary!

Julianna Scarduzio

Rose Ryan, 5th Grade TeacherThe new experiences for Saint Mary fifth graders are joining the “Big Floor” shared with sixth, seventh and eighth grade students, as well as beginning departmental classes where they switch classes for subjects such as Science and Social Studies. This grade level is also where students can participate in Athletics programs, learn Ballroom Dancing, and begin their preparations for Confirmation.

Rosemarie Ryan

Jacob Bridy, Sixth Grade TeacherSixth grade is a very exciting grade where students begin to experience new and challenging opportunities.  In sixth grade, students are safeties for the kindergarten class.  This is also the first year that students can be invited to join the National Junior Honors Society. A major theme in sixth grade is exploration of new responsibilities and the curriculum.  In social studies, we study World culture and history while in science we explore our Earth, solar system, and all the wonders it contains.

Jacob Bridy

Seventh grade is an amazing year. Students at this age can be challenging, but they are also most rewarding as they bloom into students who are ready to face the complexities and newness of high school. The students have a wonderful sense of humor which makes their teachers chuckle at some of their views on life.


7th grade Homeroom Teacher

Judy Crossan-Sanicky, Eighth Grade TeacherI have been a member of the faculty for over thirty years and I am also an alumnus of Saint Mary Interparochial School. The faith-filled, loving environment along with the innovative and ever-changing teaching styles help to make our school number one. We strive to give each student the ability to achieve and go beyond what they thought possible.

Judy Crossan-Sanicky

Denise Pimpinella, Honors Math TeacherSaint Mary Interparochial School boasts an honors math program currently serving grades 5-8. The program is Archdiocese approved and monitored. The curriculum of honors math follows the common core standards. Students in honors math enjoy the benefits of a rigorous pace and a small classroom environment. Current class sizes range from five to eight students. The program addresses the needs of higher-achieving students. Plans include projects and assignments that connect to real-world problems and integrate STEM and STEAM ideas.

Denise Pimpinella

Students in grades K through 6 receive instruction in Spanish once a week, while students in grades 7 and 8 receive instruction twice a week. Students are exposed to many facets of the Spanish language, including vocabulary, grammar, and culture. Cultural experiences are a hallmark of the Spanish language program.

Señor Jimenez is our new K-8 Spanish teacher. He is originally from Guatemala and was a 4th Grade teacher while also teaching Spanish as a second language to children and adults. He received an Elementary Education degree in Esquipulas, Guatemala and is currently enrolled at Temple University for language studies. He focuses on accommodating himself to his students' needs. Since he learned English as a second language,  he understands the challenges of learning a second language. He has also developed some strategies to speed up the process of learning. His primary goal is to teach practical everyday Spanish that focuses on daily essentials.


Jose Jiménez

Lauren Huot

St Mary Interparochial School has shifted the focus of the Technology curriculum to have a more STREAM oriented approach. STREAM education is an interdisciplinary approach to learning through problem-solving in a real world context using 21st century tools. The goal of this new program is to provide early exposure to STREAM activities and opportunities for application.

In 2007, Lauren Huot graduated from Drexel University with a BS/MS in Digital Media. The program integrated traditional design techniques with cutting-edge technologies. There, Mrs. Huot was introduced to graphic design, web design, 3D modeling and visual effects. For her thesis she produced a collaborative modern dance performance, which integrated digital media and technology. Mrs. Huot has taught Technology/STREAM at St Mary Interparochial School since 2009. She received her Cubelets and MakerBot certifications in 2019. She is also a 2020-2021 AoP Tech EdTech Influencer recipient.


Lauren Huot

Morgan McCoy

Art class provides an amazing opportunity to explore new supplies, skills, cultures, and art history. As an alumn who discovered her love of art at St. Mary, it is my utmost privilege to pass on that excitement and wonder to my students. 

In class, we will have hands-on experience learning about the amazing world of art. Students will gain practical skills like perspective, sewing, and color theory; as well as delving into the wonderful world of famous artists and art movements that changed the world! My personal goal is to show that art is all about trying new things and not being afraid to fail.

Morgan McCoy

MusicStudents in grades K-8 receive music instruction once a week. They learn about music in various ways, including history, theory, culture, vocabulary, and general knowledge of music. During music class, the students are prepared for their individual Class Masses, Las Posadas, and May Procession. They also participate in a class sing-off, Christmas choir (virtual), and Spring "Musical" performance.

Jen Rizzio

GymFrank Gentile